J.D.Steel Corporation
Products Physical Profile   Coil Diameter
Hot Dip Galvalume Steel Thickness: 0.15mm - 3.50 mm Inner diameter – 200 / 325 / 400 / 508 / 610 mm
Galvannealed Steel Width : 5mm - 1580mm  
Coil form/Slit form /cut length form Outer diameter - 2000 mm Max
Surface finish
Type Surface Finish
Regular Standard spangles with flower pattern, suited for general use
Zero More minimized spangles than regular, with a beautiful gloss, suited for general painting applications
Ultra Extremely minimized spangles suited for special painting applications
Alloy coated iron-zinc Gal annealed steel sheet has a highly workable iron-zinc alloy layer. Good paint-adherence properties, corrosion resistance and weld ability make them ideal for use in home electrical appliances and buildings
Surface Treatment
Type Application
Chromate General
Non-treated General painting
Organic Drawing
DesignationType KS D 3506 JIS G 3302 ASTM EN
cold- rolled base metal used hot- rolled base metal used cold- rolled base metal used hot- rolled base metal used OLD A653-97
Commercial Quality SGCC SGHC SGCC SGHC A 526 CS Type A & B EN 10142
Lock Forming Quality - - - - A 527 CS Type C -
Commercial Soft Quality SGCC-L - SGCC-L - A 526-L FS Type A & B EN 10142
Commercial Hard Quality SGCH - SGCH - - - -
Drawing Quality SGCD1 - SGCD1 - A 528 DDS EN 10142
Structural Quality SGC340 SGH340 SGC340 SGH340 A446 Grade 230 EN 10147
SGC400 SGH400 SGC400 SGH400 Grade 255
SGC440 SGH440 SGC440 SGH440 Grade 275
SGC490 SGH490 SGC490 SGH490 Grade 340 class
SGC570 SGH540 SGC570 SGH540 1,2,3
        Grade 550